Heal your life

program-1 (1)I’m really excited to invite you to my 10 week program-Heal Your Life!

Embrace life and feel vibrant. Become Happy, Healthy and Whole. Raise your vibration. Embody your passion and your purpose. Do you sense MORE is possible?

Do you wish to make a difference in the world? The world needs you healthy in your full and shining light now more than ever.
Our joy is being truly who we are and fully offering our gifts to the world.
Do you ever feel stuck, anxious or overwhelmed?
Do you truly value yourself and your place in the world?
Do you find it difficult to really love yourself? Do you feel you could be healthier but get overwhelmed with too much information and too many choices?
Have you suffered a serious trauma in your past, that you can’t quite seem to shake off ?
Do you want to move forwards with a sense of peace and joy?
When our vibration is high we live more in the flow with a sense of possibility and joy. In his program we will create a partnership that will help you raise and maintain your level of health and vitality, achieving  a deep sense of well-being, peace and self-love using many tools. It will support you to have increased energy, sense of purpose and peace. It will help with releasing stress, anxiety, heartbreak and any deep-seated trauma, powerfully and effectively. It will help you learn and maintain healthy eating and healthy life-style habits. You will also learn simple fast track ways to meditate and maintain inner peace.The “Magnificent Healthy You Program” Ten sessions tailor-made for you and your unique needs, using some or many of these tools:

Life coaching – Visioning your goals and dreams. Finding your true purpose. Identifying your vision  and the obstacles and challenges to living this and to having shining radiant health. Addressing the obstacles and formulating an action plan. Working with the power of your word and using time productively. Strategies to deal with overwhelm and burnout. Learning to be  pulled by the future, not dragged down by your past. Working with inspiration and YOUR vision. With homework, action steps and guidance for you to take. You will keep a workbook or journal of this process. Cultivating simple daily/weekly practices to maintain your light and vibrance supporting you in realising your dreams. Undoing the fear of failure and also the fear of Success. Living your dream, uncovering your gifts, (which may have been hidden to you), discovering your sacred life purpose, the deeper meaning of your life lessons and the bigger picture  and what makes your heart sing

Homeopathic consultation – Profound listening and receiving of your story; your whole history of health; all your physical symptoms, major life events, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Holding to the vision of your highest healing. Having access to deep acting yet gentle homeopathic remedies that work on clearing the miasms, to support an increased level of health, more than you may think is possible. Learning healthy holistic life style basics. Attitude of gratitude, Food, Exercise, Sleep, Water, Fun and Joy,  Simplicity. Making sense of much of the alternative health information and different modalities available and staying focused. Learning about the body as an energy system and your own healing abilities.  And your body’s own innate  intelligence, “the body loves to heal.’

Crystal sound healing – Crystal sound sessions to raise your vibration, supporting deep relaxation, meditation, anchoring light in the cells of your physical body, uplifting your spirit. heart and mind. Activating your I AM presence; knowing of ourselves and others as Sacred beings. Truly honouring yourself and others as Sacred Magnificent Blossoming beings. Enabling a deepening Reverence for life.  Real vibrational transformation that frees from the past. Releasing depression, fear and anxiety. Detoxing, strengthening, healing your physical body. This sound is exceptional, very pure tones with an angelic, out of this world quality that can truly allow miraculous healing.

Conscious breathwork – Using the power of conscious breath, releasing resentment, anger, pain, hurt and the past.  Using affirmations, forgiveness and gratitude practice. Ho’opono pono

The Dickens process – Releasing limiting beliefs, (conscious and subconscious). A powerful effective process that really works Supporting your commitment to living your vision and believing that you actually can.

Reflexology – Reflexology is the ancient practice of applying pressure to the feet or hands, based on a system of zones, reflex areas, meridians that reflect parts of the body directly affecting change on those parts. Its as though the foot is a hologram of the whole body.

Quantum-touch healing – An amazingly powerful, gentle and simple hands on healing which achieves outstanding results.

EFT – (Emotional freedom technique, an extremely effective methodology, tapping of points on the body that releases trauma) a powerful clearing technique, that you can learn to use yourself in challenging situations.

Meditation and mindfulness practice – Working with mantras, also using the healing power of sound and voice.

Pre-yoga exercises and yoga – Incorporating yoga, the breath, voice, posture and movement.

After the 10 sessions there will be a Completion, overview, evaluation, fine-tuning and celebration of what has been achieved. Often people work with me for another round of 10 sessions or we continue at longer intervals,l looking at What’s next? What will serve you the most in maintaining the momentum achieved and staying vibrant? Maintenance, monthly to quarterly sessions and the opportunity to join my wider online support group?

What’s my investment?

For the next 4 weeks your investment for this Transformational Vibrant Health Program is just € 1000.00

Please contact me for more Information & bookings…

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