“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan ~

Welcome to Crystal Sound Medicine

I am an integrative medicine practitioner, homeopath and sound practitioner; my intention is to create circles of peace raising the vibration of all beings around the world and to empower the re-greening of our Earth.  I am a life and health coach, homeopath, sound healer, breath worker, nurse and have expertise in many healing modalities.  I have 14 quartz crystal singing bowls.
I have experience in supporting people recovering from serious trauma. As a life coach, I love to help people raise their level of health, sense of well being and inner joy. This last 2 years I have been on an epic journey myself, many of the skills I learnt overcoming serious obstacles are a part of my offering now for my clients.

From Discord To Harmony

Is discord a feature of your life? Are you battling with addictions, depression, anxiety, negative behaviour/patterns and blocks? Are you an event organiser and looking for a powerful way of raising the vibration and bringing peace and harmony to your gathering?

Are you working with groups and organisations and want to bring in something very special, unique and uplifting? Are you simply looking to improve your health and live a more empowered life? Did you know healthy cells have been observed to flourish and unhealthy cells diminish when exposed to pure tones.