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Crystal Bowls Sound Healing In London 2 weekly
7.00 – 9.00 pm, starting Friday March 18th

Investment : £15.00 or £12.00
Everyone is welcome but RSVP essential Tel : 07446 018612
Time: 7.00 – 9.00 pm
Place: Holy Trinity Church, Hall,  Granville Road (entrance on Stapleton Hall Rd) London N4 4EL
Map to Holy Trinity church hall

Saturday March 19th is World water day
Bless the water video


I’m delighted to offer 5  free 45-minute introductory discovery, one to one sessions with me,  This will be a complete and powerful session in itself in which I will introduce you to my life and health-changing 10 week program, Magnificent Healthy You.


Introduction to Crystal Bowls Sound Healing, Vibrational and Energy Medicine Course
5 Friday evening classes: starting Nov 6th – Dec 4th 2015
7.00 pm -10.00 pm.
Venue : Integrated Body Dynamics Ltd, 17 Ferme Park Road, London N4 4DS.
Cost: £ 200.00
To book Tel: 020 8347 0888  or 07446018612

Email : [email protected]  or [email protected]


‘Sound is the medicine of the future,’ Edgar Cayce

This is an introduction to sound healing and working with crystal bowls.
A way of bringing more light, peace and healing into the world, empowering people to use this tool, activating higher consciousness, planetary healing and evolution.
Everything is vibration and sound is audible vibration. We will explore what it means to raise our vibration.  Activating our deep heart-soul song.
We will experience crystal bowls sound healings, and will learn about the power of sound and about the importance of intention and our dedications.
We will learn the basic skills of how to be a sound healer, how to hold sacred space that is nurturing and safe, how to hold a group and what it takes to be a practitioner.
We will learn how the crystal bowls work, the scientific explanations. We will discover the power of Word, voice, mantras, chanting and toning; becoming coherent and aligned. We will learn about energy – the chakras, Life force energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, Universal energy.
We will study the 7 musical notes corresponding to the 7 colours of the rainbow, corresponding to the 7 chakras.
We will experience the power of the group.  How we can magnify exponentially our group intentions and prayers. We will learn about the Power of Sitting in Circle.
We will deepen our understanding of holograms, holographics and fractuals, bringing the pieces together exponentially.
We will learn about using the Singing bowls for Space clearing, creating Sacred Space, Temple Space.
We will practice and use centering Grounding Exercises.

Crystal Bowls at Tree House’s First Birthday in Somerset West, South Africa

March 20th 2014