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Precious Petals,, a beautiful 41 minute recording of my 14 crystal bowls, recorded in Avalon,  Glastonbury.

Be bathed in the nurturing gentle sound dissolving, transmuting and melting away old patterns and imprints through circles of song, pure vibrations, blessings for harmony, purity and healing. Working deep on the cellular level as well as spirit.

As well as being relaxing and inspirational this CD is intended as a healing session. Offerings were made when it was recorded and it is intended to promote healing, peace and connection to spirit.

cd-coverTo purchase a CD

Cost £15.00 or R 190.00 (including post & packing)

The crystal bowls are programmed or tuned for our highest healing, for forgiveness (acceptance of what is and letting go) and honouring our ancestors and our earth. Crystal sound is a powerful medium in aiding release of old patterns and negative life imprints. It can be listened to for meditation, relaxation, to play accompanying healing practises and can be very beneficial to listen to on going to sleep.

And now I am delighted to say you can download your recording of Precious Petals immediately through CDbaby for $ 9.99 Simply click on the link below

Singing bowls expert Geert Verbeke says…

“In ‘Precious Petals’, an intriguing CD that will undoubtedly delight listeners, Michaela O’Driscoll has mastered fine and controlled techniques. Here gentle sound is fragile and never aggressive, here fourteen bowls of pure crystal are singing with harmonic voices for relaxation and meditation. There is not a shadow of arrogance in the creative music of Michaela O’Driscoll. For sure, I will listen frequently to this unique and highly recommended Compact Disc.”

Geert Verbeke (

Listen to a sample now