My Therapies & Workshops

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  • * Crystal Bowls Sound Healing (individual and Group sessions)
    * Life and Health Coaching
    * Homeopathy
    * Quantum-touch Healing
    * Conscious Breath work
    * Reflexology
    * EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
    * Anger Release Therapy
    *Space Clearing
    *Concert Performances


Crystal Bowls Sound Healing and Meditation

An exceptional tool for healing and awakening clear quartz crystal is an extraordinary substance that holds the vibration of pure white light. It amplifies, purifies and harmonises. The light/sound vibration refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on the chakras when played. The sound brings about a positive shift in consciousness. It literally changes our vibration so that we glow with increased health and radiate frequencies of greater light. There is a sense of inner peace and attitudes of joy, love, surrender and gratitude are awakened. I have programmed my crystal bowls to amplify each listeners self healing ability, to purify, cleanse and heal. I have tuned them to awaken consciousness moving us towards the state of unconditional love, oneness and peace; ultimately, to be our true radiant selves as conscious beings of light and love. The tone increases clarity, harmony and purpose. The vibrations ripple outwards creating an atmosphere of harmony and peace…


Working with Forgiveness and Self-Responsibility, Sound-Light Activation, Brain Illumination. Working with Angels, Practising gentle clear communication (based on the principles of Non-violent communication) Relaxation/Stress Release Work, Reiki, Releasing addictions, anxiety, negative behaviour patterns and blocks in general.

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.” Dr Mitchel Gaynor

Give up smoking, Detox, Letting go of addictions
The pure tone is a very powerful tool in the releasing of addictions and negative patterns of behaviour. I have observed in clients addictions dropping away after just one session. Six sessions are recommended to let go of smoking or other addictions. I structure sessions carefully for individual or group needs. I prescribe homeopathic and herbal remedies, as well as giving nutritional advice and conscious breath-work if required.


Life and Health Coaching

As a life and health coach, I have a 7 step plan I will take you through. I  support you in creating a bold and compelling vision for yourself and your life,  and in following through all the steps to achieving it. Many of us are bombarded with information about health, diet, alternative therapies etc I am able to help you to find your way through so much information. I help you implement changes and find simple tools that will support you in achieving a higher level of health and vitality and in living the life of your dreams.


Homeopathy is a gentle holistic system of healing based on the theory of treating like with like. Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and vibrated (succussed) natural substances. Once homeopathiclly potentised, remedies can have marvelous healing powers. We use remedies from sea salt (Natrum Muriaticum) to snake venom (Lachesis) to potentised human diseases or discharges. Once at the level of vibration and resonance remarkable healng is possible. I have been a practicing homeopath and teacher of homeopathy since 1988.


Quantum-touch healing

An amazingly powerful, gentle and simple hands on healing which achieves outstanding results.

Conscious Breathwork

This is conscious breathing, learning to breathe Energy/Chi/Prana as well as air. It is the art of learning to use the breath for the deepest highest healing and to bring in light with the breath and to direct it to anywhere in the body. It supports deep opening and healing and combined with crystal sound is an amazing tool. Affirmations, Intention and Prayer combined with this gentle conscious breathing enables very powerful transformation.


Reflexology is the ancient practice of applying pressure to the feet or hands, utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques based on a system of zones, reflex areas, meridians that reflect parts of the body directly affecting change on those parts. Its as though the foot is a hologram of the whole body and it is a simple and profound way to gently treat the whole body through the feet.

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

Simply put EFT is like acupressure for the emotions where by we tap various parts f our body, the ends of meridans and bring ourselves back to a state of balance </span>and harmony. It is very powerful for releasing trauma. EFT matrix reimprinting takes it all much further and deeper- very simple,powerful and effective.

Anger Release Therapy

Sometimes there is so much emotion. speaking our story and offloading is not enough. The anger, rage  pain and frustration inside is too huge and a more direct approach is required. This is where some conscious releasing  is required. (Thank you Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Colin Caffell) I have simple equipment, garden gloves, a length of garden hose, old telephone directories and catalogues, cushions and futon. I invite the person to actively speak, shout out the rage, the pain, the hurt, the fury they have been unable to express. I become the person they need to address it to. At the same time they whack the telephone directories with the rubber hose. As each release is uttered, screamed, shouted and released I say, Thank you.  I am so grateful that all the poison is coming out and being released. Better out than in. Anger and rage that is consciously released is not scary or out of control. It is a choice to heal and release the hurt, pain blockages.. This is different from rage and anger that is unconsciously triggered which causes violence in someone who is like a pressure cooker because it is locked up inside. Afterwards there is a deep sense of spaciousness and relief, “I felt for the first time in years a sense of joy and calm.”


Meditation Workshops
I run life changing and transformative workshops on a wide variety of themes.

      * Activating your Light body
      * Embracing the Goddess
      * Awakening the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine
* Heart math and the peace heart Resonance

Space Clearing
I work with people to clear stuck energy in home or work environments. This can take several hours or days to do. It is a process of first calling forth, visualising what you would like to create in this place for the highest good of all. Then it is important to actually physically thoroughly clean the space whilst holding those intentions and prayers. Then making offering with incense, flowers, candles, holy water in each room and using relevant precious scared objects. Then using my hands, I sense the energy and walk the room or whole property and with a series of repeated walks, clapping,then using bells, then using crystal bowls and finally walking holding light. The results of this leave a place with an aura of peace and calm, ready for joyful life.

photoThis is a photo of me space clearing the new Marigold warehouse in Tottenham, north London,  while it was still empty. It is now looking very different, very busy and full of life with many employees, a major distributor of natural and organic  foods. (

Concert Performances

I have given many concerts for peace around the world, in the USA, Bali, Australia, South Africa, Portugal and in the UK. This is a joy to do. I have played out in nature at beautiful sacred sites and also in places where the land or environment has needed love and healing; places where traumas have occurred. Through the pure crystal music I hope to create circles of healing, cooperation, blessing, belonging and deep peace. I am now an accredited Peace ambassador.


I regularly do ceremony out on the land. The crystal bowls are powerful living sacred objects that come from our beautiful mother Earth. Through ceremony and ritual we can access our visions. Drawn from the realm of dreams, visions are often the key to resolving struggles and understanding the complexities plaguing us in the waking world. Charged by the power of sound, meditation, chanting, dance and trance our visions come through as gifts from the world of spirit to bring us back into wholeness. The crystal sound amplifies and purifies our intention and prayers in the ceremony. I’m available to hold, create and support ceremonies for personal healings; vision quests out in nature, for special occasions, from birthday parties, weddings to any celebrations of life, or earth or moon cycles; for peace, empowerment, and grace. I am an ordained minister of the Madonna Ministry.

At the Chalice well, Glastonbury UK in 2001

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